Director of Dog Care

AKC Pet Care LLC

AKC Pet Care LLC

260 Madison Avenue , New York , NY - 10017

Meaghan Seal

Job Description

The Director of Dog Care will report directly to AKC Pet Care LLC’s Chief Operating Officer. He or she will be responsible for the training of handlers, dog walkers, etc. and will directly influence the care of all dogs within AKC Pet Care LLC facilities. Will establish the training guidelines and work to ensure that training and care at all facilities are standardized.

Duties will include but not be limited to:

• Train all handlers in the acceptable, positive methods
• Provide onsite training in the facilities as needed
• Identify and develop Dog Care Supervisor for each facility
• Recruiting/interviewing for all open animal handler positions
• Staying on top of best practices in dog care and communicating to store managers and staff 
• Continue to evolve employee training program, career path, and continuing education opportunities
• Roll out new service programs across store network
• Train-up staff for new store openings 
• Integrate acquired locations and transition people, processes and systems to AKC Pet Care LLC methods and culture
• Develop animal care procedures and policies and ensure they are followed